Circular External Fixator – Carbon Fiber

Fixador Circular Radiotransparente

The Circular Fixator SELAZ is a system for fracture treatment, deformity correction and bone reconstruction in general. They are available in two versions: Aluminium and Radiolucent (Carbon fiber).

The radiolucent components are a result of years of research and continuous product improvement, using composite materials strengthened by carbon fiber. The structural sizing and fiber orientation were optimized in order to maximize the hardness and resistance resulting in components stable, reliable and radiolucent.



  • Bone Fractures treatment;
  • Deformity corrections;
  • Bone Reconstruction;
  • Limb lengthening.



  • Radiolucent;
  • Lighter;
  • Distractors and special joints for angular corrections;
  • Components with grooves that ensure better locking and prevent loosening;
  • High stability.


> Instruction Manual – pt-BR (pdf)