SELAZ was founded in 2010 and is focused on the use of aerospace technologies to develop and produce medical devices.

The company believes that technology can always improve the effectiveness of health treatments, allowing better treatments for both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Located in São José dos Campos, in the state of São Paulo – Brazil, SELAZ belongs to a corporate group with over 20 years of experience in aeronautics, space, defence and oil and gas; both in the provision of analytical services of engineering or serial manufacturing items. In the current portfolio of the company there are several models of external orthopedic fixation devices, such as: circular, monolateral, hexapodal, among others.

The company maintains other lines of research focused on bone reconstruction, involving the use of robotics, biomaterials and advanced composites. As a result of this work, other innovative products will be gradually incorporated into the company portfolio.


Develop, manufacture and commercialize high tecnology products and solutions that support people’s needs and benefit everyone in between this process.


To be recognized for inovation and quality of our products and services and expand nacionally and internationally.


Ethics: In every company’s actions;

Recognition: Our client’s and our collaborators work’s importance;

Respect: People as individuals and the standards that guide our field of work; Inovation and development: continous quest to assist our clients with the best solutions.