CCS 2 T-T – External Fixation

Complete system – From urgency to definitive treatment


The CCS 2 T-T (Classic Clamp Selaz T-T) is a system developed for provisory fixation, using clamps and rods, and also for definitive treatment, using parallel rods, Compression-Distraction Units and connectors in the assembly.

The CCS 2 T-T has rods made of carbon fiber, which makes the assembly lighter and radiolucid, besides it also has fast coupling clamps.



  • Fast coupling clamps in aluminium and radiolucent rods;
  • Compression-Distraction system for bone transportation and lengthening;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Simple handling for the pacient;
  • Light and versatile.

Assembly Examples

Parallel Rods Fixation                                                                                     Urgency Fixation
  • Radiolucid rods;                                                                                                  – Radiolucid rods;
  • 3 Pins Connector;                                                                                                – Simple Clamp (pin to bar);
  • 5 Pins Connector;                                                                                                – Articulated Clamp (bar to bar).
  • Extremity Connector;
  • Compression-Distraction Units.